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Why is the Gaming Industry Facing Diversity Problems

The gaming industry is supposed to be entertaining, fun, relaxing, an excellent channel to meet new folks, and even a fantastic way to let off steam and aggression. Instead, it is facing diversity problems. So why do we need to deal with so much hatred during our playing time? Throughout a gaming session, every gamer runs into some issues, making gaming seem more of a stressor than a de-stressor. What are the main fundamental interlocking concerns?

Racism in the gaming industry is a growing concern for people of color seeking fun and relaxation, playing their favorite online games. In most situations, people of color are pushed out of these communities. Alternatively, they do not even try joining gaming communities as they fear risking near-permanent trauma.

People of color experience severe discrimination within such communities, from being called a series of racial slurs to being challenged for their capabilities within the industry.

In recent years, women gamers who have already raised their voices over the sector using their actual names have been endangered by more doxing, hacking, and harassment. How can we stop this problem?

Male gamers are worsening the issue but aren’t the only ones to blame. The entire gaming community continues to create misogynistic games–amplifying sexualization and objectification in a series of video games.

For instance, League of Legends portrays extremely sexualized women with minimal shields or clothing, although the game involves fighting. The lead roles of these video games are more likely to feature men, along with their female counterparts, either the damsel in distress, sexualized, or both.

Hate Speech

Hate speech is presently a massive worry in gaming communities. It ties oppressively with typical personal assaults against other gamers. The toxic behavior trait within the communities is risking the whole gaming industry’s contamination.

In such environments, aggressive and disgraceful comments are considered the norm, much like trolling. Nevertheless, if asked, most gamers would not label themselves as having life-threatening political views or as discriminatory. Many do not view their actions as horrible because “they don’t literally mean it.”

With these existing problems in the gaming industry, more and more people of color, like black gamers, prefer to speak with different tones to hide their origins. The time has come to speak up and minimize the risk of kids being offended for not being an expert in a game and preventing them from being laughed at. Moreover, we should ask ourselves how to stop sexism towards female streamers.

How Can Show Help?

This is where Show has got you covered. We are pleased to announce that our team of specialists created features that will allow a safe environment for all gamers.

We can achieve this by locating and flagging all unsuitable content and informing the gaming studios about a specific matter.

We decided to join the cause to help create a safe environment for every gamer on the planet.