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A Look Into The Future of Live Streaming

A Look into the future of live streaming

Live streaming video has evolved significantly in the last few years. The COVID-19 outbreak boosted the total number of hours watched. More and more people are using the platform to create video content and build a loyal community of viewers. So what is the future of live streaming?

The live-streaming video industry predicts further evolution as it is already a significant industry.

Technology Developments

Hardware and software technology developments are one of the keys to the future evolution of live streaming.

  1. Mobile Streaming – smartphone gaming and live streaming viewing are already popular. It naturally created the need for mobile streaming, especially with the likes of popular mobile games such as PUBG Mobile and Free Fire. Twitch has already made strides in mobile streaming with its mobile app and is expected to continue its growth.
  2. Console streaming – Twitch and Xbox have a combined solution to stream from the console, yet many people rather link their console to the computer first and run their live streaming gaming session from the PC as it is easier to control. However, the need for an interactive experience will bring further developments.
  3. 3D Video – Strengthening the viewers’ all-around experience will help drive more people into the live streaming platforms.  
  4. Virtual Reality – Virtual reality is another aspect that is becoming increasingly popular, and the accessories are developing yet becoming more affordable. It’s only a matter of time before VR gaming and other virtual reality content become more popularå and adopted worldwide. 
  5. Internet infrastructure – This may seem too obvious; however, pixelation and laggings during live broadcasts compromise the viewers’ experience and are a pain point.

Influencers & Niche

Live streaming video content is creating a new form of influencers. They do not necessarily have a large number of viewers. Instead, they have a loyal and steady audience. Many live streamers find their niche, whether due to their performing skills or unique content. Either way, cracking the niche concept is vital for live-streaming video platforms.

Years ago, the barrier to reaching viewers was complicated, even for the most creative content creators. Nowadays, the ability to broadcast live content is pretty easy, and now it is a question for each creator to find their niche and the right channel.

Cracking the niche concept

Live streaming video content is already the leading platform to watch gaming content, with League of Legends topping them all. However, it is gradually spreading to other content topics. The most popular category on Twitch is “Just chatting.” 

Live video content is still developing and, in the next few years, will continue its developing process similar to the podcasting world. Podcasts offer, as opposed to traditional radio, the opportunity to create content that isn’t necessarily relevant to a mass audience but to relatively small audiences interested in listening to the content. 

A glance at Twitch TV will reveal a broad scope of niche channels. It will most likely grow in the next few years as more people discover the live streaming benefits–matching their creative skills with technological developments.

Monetizing Opportunities

Monetization opportunities are the lifelong anchor of the live broadcasting industry. Part of building a solid viewer community is the work needed off-camera. Planning and improving the content, upgrading the equipment and scene, and constantly communicating on social media. In the long run, creators’ ability to make money from their live-streaming videos is essential. Smart AI-powered platforms that connect live-streaming influencers and advertising brands will also allow live streamers to earn a substantial income and turn it into a full-time paying job for some.

Another aspect of monetizing the content is making it appealing to the live-streaming viewers, as well as developing technologies that will allow the streamers to advertise and promote the right services and products to their viewers in a non-intrusive way.

The Future of Live Streaming

Community Co-Viewing

Strengthening a viewing community is a joint interest for the live streamers and their loyal audiences. People with the same content interest will be happy to meet for special live-streaming events occasionally. 

It will allow the content creators to increase their earnings as they can reach sponsors and even offer special deals on such co-viewing events.

Where is it Going?

Live streaming is here to stay and will increase its share in our lives, and it will continue to grow as many aspects will develop and integrate into the live streaming platforms.

Another live-streaming niche that is picking up is In Real Life or IRL streaming. As technology will continue to develop, individuals will be able to create high-quality content outdoors from almost anywhere in the world, and broadcast live.

Whether it is a unique virtual reality community event, a live-streamed concert, an esports competition, even special election events, and other concepts that will appear with time–the live streaming is live and kicking and still in its early days.