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Gaming Companies Should Listen to their Community

Gaming companies always look for the next thing, but it doesn’t always meet their gamers’ feelings. What happens when new feature games replace old ones? And what should companies do to reduce dissatisfaction before an update is released?

Your favorite game often has an update that receives a lot of backlashes. Take, for example, Modern Warfare and Call of Duty Warzone, where video game developers brought significant changes to the game. One of these changes was replacing Call of Duty Warzone’s Bounty Contracts with Most Wanted. With Most Wanted, players can become the target of every other player on the map by placing a contract on their heads.

Players could revive their entire squad if they survived the duration of the contract. Immediately after the update went live, influential gamers and fans alike were livid and then took to social media to express their disappointment. After 24 hours, Infinity Ward overturned their decision. They immediately brought back the Bounty Contracts and made additional minor changes.
This was not the first time Infinity Ward changed their mind after uproars due to their update.

From Gamers to Developers

In the gaming community, it is crucial to have communication between video game developers and gamers. One of the few ways is through feedback. Notice how there is always an option for you to leave feedback in the game. Developers will use the information you provide to make well-informed decisions, such as what to improve and adjust in the current features and actions in the game. Additionally, the gaming companies will know what the players think needs to be added to the game to make it more appealing and enjoyable to players.

Another is through criticism. It might take time to take criticism. Who wants to be told that they are wrong? But to improve the gamer experience, it is essential to accept these criticisms and use them well to build and improve. Whatever criticism you receive is an opportunity to learn about the gamers that, in turn, will lead your gaming company to generate the right actions to turn the majority of them into supportive and satisfied players. This way, you can improve your outcomes by knowing precisely what your audience wants and needs.

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It is crucial to have communication between gaming developers and the gamers’ community

Communicating with Gamers

There are many ways to open communication lines between the community and gaming companies. You can find hundreds of active communities and online gaming interactions on many social networks and platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, Discord, Reddit, and Facebook.

Gaming companies can find a lot of valuable insights in these conversations and interactions. This includes gamers’ thoughts on the games, product and update issues, bugs they encounter, and suggestions on enhancing the game from the gaming community’s perspective. It is also an opportunity to know whether you are meeting the gamers’ expectations and assess if your company’s performance is deteriorating, stagnant, or improving with your current actions.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, gaming companies need to be aware of what the community is saying about the games and what they want. By opening communication channels and listening to the players’ voices—they can take necessary steps to ensure the games’ success and keep a satisfied user base.