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Pros and Cons of the Live Streaming Video Platforms

live Streaming Video Platforms

Live streaming video is becoming more popular worldwide. Subsequently contributing to the growth of live video broadcasting platforms. The leading live-streaming platforms are YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitch. This blog post will dive into the differences and each platform’s pros and cons. Live video streaming has spread worldwide, reaching almost 30% of all video content […]

Live streaming advertising opportunities in 2023

Live streaming ad trends 2023

Live streaming advertising is one of the most exciting and promising trends today. We have seen that brands are already heavily investing in this medium. In 2023, live video streaming ads will reach new heights. Live stream ads to become mainstream Live-streaming advertising is still in its infancy. And while there is still a long […]

Tips and Habits for Successful Gaming Sessions

Tips and Habits for Successful Gaming Sessions

As gaming continues to grow in popularity amongst the masses, people from all walks of life enjoy playing games for fun or competitively. There is a variety of platforms to play on: smartphones, consoles, portable gaming devices, or PC, all offer a great experience. There are casual games like Minecraft to incredibly heart-racing, sweaty games […]