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Tips and Habits for Successful Gaming Sessions

Tips and Habits for Successful Gaming Sessions

As gaming continues to grow in popularity amongst the masses, people from all walks of life enjoy playing games for fun or competitively. There is a variety of platforms to play on: smartphones, consoles, portable gaming devices, or PC, all offer a great experience. There are casual games like Minecraft to incredibly heart-racing, sweaty games like battle-royales or tactical shooters, people have diverse preferences in genres. Once you become a gamer, there are a few steps that you can take and habits to adopt for successful gaming sessions.

For those who take gaming to the next level, PC gaming would be considered the best option in terms of taking the hobby seriously. And for those already in this category of people, we all have sessions where we feel cracked out of our mind or feel a little slow on reactions and thinking abilities. If you are seeking to consistently have a gaming experience leaving you feeling satisfied, we have some tips and tricks for you. 

Getting A Good Night’s Rest the Night Prior

How could you expect to perform at your peak potential if you are crashing from a long day, off of four hours of sleep? While some may be able to (the chosen ones), it is optimal to have a well-rested body to keep up with whatever the day throws at you, mentally and physically. Not only will your body keep up with your gaming session, better sleep = a better mood. Being rested helps you revamp your energy and any little nuance won’t annoy you as much. Not annoyed means you’re less angry, meaning you will tilt less in your games. Being untillable will not only win you more games, but your teammates will like you more as well!

Eat in Balance

Hunger can be the killer of performance – leaving you unfocused and thinking about ending a game quickly to get something in your stomach, it is our body’s natural instinct. While you may have snacks sitting by your desk, hunger will creep up on you slowly in a long and productive session. Similar to exercising, eating a well-portioned, balanced meal 1.5 to 2 hours before your session may be the most optimal for performance. If you find yourself eating 30 minutes before a session, be mindful about portioning. You should find something that is light enough to fill you up, but not too filling to make you crash and end up in a food coma – A banana and some oatmeal, which are complex carbohydrates, take longer to digest which makes you feel full longer. Partner that up with some quick protein and you will be set. 

Take Care Of Your Priorities

Have you finished all of your work and tasks that were scheduled to be done today? What about any chores or emails that you were supposed to reply to? No one likes to have their flow interrupted by remembering responsibilities that were supposed to be completed. You will not be able to focus on your performance with the other things nagging at you in the back of your mind, leaving you stressed. Be your calm and cool self and have a checklist of priorities done before you start your grind. 

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Good Music Equals Good Vibes

Research has shown that listening to music can reduce anxiety, and blood pressure, and improve mood, mental alertness, and memory. Having a playlist you vibe to can single-handedly bring you to the next level of performance. Listening to music gives your brain recall to time periods when you felt happiest when you heard it and lifts your attitude and mood. You know what music you like, what gets you focused and in the zone. Have it playing in the background while not overpowering your in-game audio, but just loud enough to have your brain know it’s there and react to it. 

Have a Planned Break

Three hours have passed and you are still sitting in the same position you did when you started. Whether your session has been good or bad, it’s a good idea to take a break – every hour or so is better for your body. Get the blood moving and flowing! Your body might be feeling fatigued and your eyes feeling dry. Spend five minutes stretching or take a quick break away from your computer to give your mind a breather as well – it has been in the fight and split-second decision mode for a few hours. Giving yourself a break will give you a fresh feeling and start as you continue your day or night. 

Reliable Gear

Ranking up in a game you are committed to leaves you feeling accomplished and feeling like you are leveling up, both in the game and in real life. You are adapting and learning new things. As you rank higher, you may notice that some players might be hard to play against due to your hardware. If possible, try to upgrade any part you can that fits your budget. PC parts are still not cheap nowadays, but it all depends on your commitment. It is difficult to grind while you are on 80 frames and your opponent on 240, leaving you frustrated.

You may also want to invest in accessories that are good for your body for long hours of sitting. Inferior equipment, such as a seat with insufficient back support, will have you leaning forward a lot of the time. Being comfortable in your own setup will make your gaming experience more enjoyable or safe for your body, and the same goes for keyboards and mice. 

Out Of Sight, Out of Mind

Gaming can be similar to studying in terms of getting into the flow – sometimes it is hard to have a laser focus on a task without getting distracted by every little thing. Once you start getting into your groove, all of a sudden your phone rings. Leave anything irrelevant that you might think about out of your sight, or turn it off if nothing important is arising. Being distraction-free leaves you fully engaged in what you are doing, and you can always come back to your phone or anything once you take your break. Make sure that your gaming space is clean and organized, as little objects might get in your way.


Getting better at anything you do requires time and effort, and PC gaming is without a doubt a part of that process. Having a good gaming experience will not only benefit you in your goals of becoming a better player, but these tips will also leave you feeling good about yourself during your session. Follow these tips throughout your journey and watch yourself evolve into a new player while having the time of your life doing so!