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How Live Streamers Promote Brands To Their Audience

Live streaming

Live streaming has become a popular way for people to communicate their hobbies, skills, and creativity with the world. Whether gaming, music or simply chatting with viewers – live video broadcasts are a popular platform for people to stand out. Many streamers advertise brands to earn an income from their passion. Here is all you need to consider if you are live streaming and want to monetize your broadcasts without losing viewers.

The Audience is a Community

Live stream video platforms encourage streamers to interact with their viewers. It is an opportunity to build meaningful relationships with their fans, transforming them from passive spectators to a buzzing streamer community. Emoji reactions, chat reactions, and answering poll questions are all part of the live-stream experience. Viewers are not just watching someone play a game but also partaking in it. They are an integral part of the live stream.

Streamers also understand that if they do not provide valuable content during those interactions, viewers will tune out, which will result in losing potential sponsorships. These are the foundations for streamer and viewer bonding. Equally important is the relationship built within the fans’ community. Some get to know each other and chat during real-time broadcasts. This form of involvement is their hub for connecting with people with similar interests. It is a whole community experience, and learning what motivates people to follow live streams continually–is essential.

Why do People Watch Live Streams?

Live streaming content provides a wide span of interests. Although gaming is the most popular theme, subjects like cooking, makeup, and even live chatting grow their loyal community fans. Others will simply be looking for entertainment. There are several reasons why people take to live streams:

Learning – Viewers, especially those who follow gaming channels, are looking to improve their personal gaming skills by learning from their favorite streamers as they appreciate their expertise.

Win-Win – If someone is viewing your live stream gaming instead of playing, they cannot lose the game.

Relaxing – Whether a viewer is watching the live stream on their TV or mobile phone, it is their time to switch off, lower their tension levels, and relax.

Entertainment Live streaming is successfully becoming an alternative for people, gradually leaving traditional TV content.

Being socially involved Live-stream viewers want to belong to a community they feel shares the same interests and values. The interactive dialogue is part of their incentive to follow the streamers’ channels.

Influencers & Small Audiences

Popular streamers are also known as influencers. What may seem surprising is the fact that live video broadcasters with relatively small but persistent audiences are influential too. They are defined as nano and micro-influencers. Although most of them do not monetize their content, they are perceived as far more influential than macro-influencers, who enjoy a mass audience.

Live Streamers Promote Brands for Their Audience

Earning Money From Live Streams

Advertisers are currently focusing on reaching live-streaming mass viewers, mainly because agencies represent macro-influencers, and with the right budget, they run their campaigns. It is not the case with medium to micro-influencers or streamers making their first steps in live video broadcasting. The main barrier preventing small community streamers from connecting with advertisers to earn money from their live content is the need for an autonomous ecosystem connecting streamers and advertising brands instantly.

Show provides precisely that service with an easy-to-use marketplace platform that enables streamers to select the brands they wish and run non-intrusive ads during their live streams.

Live broadcasters love interacting with their viewers; they have daily opportunities to build meaningful relationships with their fans. They know that if they do not provide value during those along the way, viewers will stop tuning in, which would mean losing out on all potential sponsorships!

Boosting Campaign Potential

Live Broadcasting has become increasingly popular in recent years, and brands are directing their marketing budgets to campaign their products in real-time. Live Streamers’ passion and presentational skills are very useful in boosting displayed ads performance to increase their income. Recommending an advertised service or product in a meaningful way boosts the viewers’ interest in the advertised brand. It strengthens the streamer-community engagement providing the streamer is loyal to their authentic values. In other words, broadcasters should always remember they are influencers as long as the viewers value their credibility. 

The Advantage of Non-Intrusive Ads

One of the most effective practices of running campaigns in live streams is integrating non-intrusive ads, as they do not interrupt the live stream flow. Viewers can continue watching the gameplay or conversation as an ad is displayed. It is a massive advantage because the last thing any streamer wants is a dominant off-putting ad ruining the experience for everyone! According to recent studies, people who use ad blockers are more willing to accept non-intrusive ads. Moreover, they’re more likely to watch them all the way through—and then remember what they saw!

In Conclusion

Over the past few years, live streams have gone from being a niche activity only shared between friends and family to a phenomenon that attracts millions of viewers worldwide. The popularity of live broadcasts transforms people into celebrities almost overnight, with the added value of interacting directly with fans during the broadcast in real time.

Advertisers seek to promote their products through live streaming channels and do so mainly with macro-influencers–live streamers with many viewers. The micro and medium streamers who run a consistent close connection with their viewers are hardly approached by brands and advertisers. It is why Show has developed a fast and autonomous system that combines brands and live streamers into one marketplace. Non-intrusive ads are the best form of advertising as they do not compromise the live stream flow. Streamers can use their skills to add a personal touch and recommend the advertised product, boosting the ads’ influence on the audience. 

Understanding why people want to watch their live-streaming videos is crucial in building an interactive community. Viewers value the live streamers’ content and form of interaction. They are more than willing to watch them promote products as they share the same interests and values. And so, Streamers should evaluate themselves as influencers.