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How Discord Has Become The Ultimate Platform

Discord has become the premier platform for people to hang out, chat, or play games with their friends at home. Whether you are a gamer or not, surely you have heard of Discord before. It has become a place where people spend countless hours making memories, laughing, meetings, voicing crucial comms, and various other purposes.  […]

How Society’s Views On Gaming Are Changing

Society’s views on gaming are changing in recent years. If once people used to outcast gamers due to stereotypes, nowadays the world looks differently at the gaming world. There has long been a negative stigma attached to gamers and how they are as people. Staying inside your room (or mom’s basement) day in and day […]

ESports Evolved From a Niche to a Worldwide Popular

Esports began as a niche that captured only a small audience of gamers. But the word spread out and technological evolvement turned esports into a worldwide popular industry. Madison Square Garden is known as “The World’s Most Famous Arena.” This stadium, which contains over 18,000 seats to fill, is home to the New York Knicks, […]

Twitch is the New Modern Television

Twitch the interactive live-streaming platform has become very popular and will become, if not already the new television. How did this all start? Twitch’s Birth Stage Justin Kan, a Yale University graduate, is the founder of today’s billion-dollar company, During Kan’s time in university, he established his first company, Kiko Software, which was an […]

What is the impact of personalized influencer advertising?

Personalized influencer advertising is making an impact as its popularity is rising. The influencers’ abilities to present and reach new audiences have turned live-streaming videos into a channel that attracts brands and advertisers. Live Streaming Influencer Advertising Jenny enjoys sharing her cooking prowess. She just had a great stream displaying her new pie recipes. 134 […]

You Need to Find Your Niche on Twitch

Every live streamer wants people to join their channel and watch them live. But how can you stand out as a broadcaster when there are many channels out there? Finding your niche on Twitch is one of the key foundations to future growth in the number of viewers. Twitch As Your Platform For Content Drawing […]

Taking A Look Into The Future Of Twitch

Twitch has made an impressive change in the world of live streaming video. Other platforms soon stepped in and the competition requires Twitch to try and stay ahead. Whether it’s alternative content or new revenue opportunities, it is time to take a look into the future of Twitch. Future Focused: What’s the Sitch with Twitch? […]

Keeping a Balanced Live Streaming & Gaming Life

Live streaming and gaming are very demanding. This blog post gives a few tips on how to run a healthy life balance. “Work-life balance” implies that work comes before actually living. Contemporary society seems to feed off of hustle culture and check off as many things as possible on a to-do list. It implies that […]

Why Self-Branding is Important for Your Streams

What is self-branding and why is it important? Self-brand is like fusing perceptions of yourself with perceptions of how others see you. Ultimately, it can be a great way to help control perceptions, and it’s especially apparent during the pandemic as digital presence becomes more important than ever. Platforms like Zoom have been integrated into […]

Ads are The New Content and Content is The Ad

The traditional difference between ads and content has changed tremendously in the internet era. Live streaming and on-demand video platforms, as well as podcasts, have turned the media content around. And so, ads are the new content and content is an ad. All About Burnout It’s no shocking surprise that in the digital age, advertising […]